Food Establishment Inspection Reports


The Andrew County Health Department conducts food service inspections under the authority of the Andrew County Food Service Ordinance. This Ordinance sets forth standards by which sources of food, food service establishments, food service personnel, and food service equipment are regulated to protect the health, safety, and welfare of the public. Critical items relate directly to factors which lead to Foodborne illness, these items must receive immediate action. Non-critical items relate to the maintenance of food operations and cleanliness, these items are to be corrected by the next regular inspection.

April 2017 Food Establishment Inspection Report

Pizza Hut Wing Street, 202 N HWY 71, Savannah, MO 64485. Pre-Opening. 04/04/2017. Critical: Dirty ice machine, no hand sink at bar area, all food contact surfaces must be sanitized. Non-Critical: Missing ceiling tiles, outer opening unprotected from pests, no hand sink signs at hand sinks, missing hand drying method and soap at hand sink, all non-food contact surfaces and floors must be properly cleaned.

Pizza Hut Wing Street, 202 N HWY 71, Savannah, MO 64485. Pre-Opening. 04/07/2017. Everything corrected.

OL MacDonald’s Farm, 15603 County Road 344, Savannah, MO 64485. Routine. 04/28/2017. Critical: Mouse droppings found in multiple areas. Non-Critical: Shelving dirty, wall dirty, foil melted inside bottom of oven making it un-cleanable, floors dirty, absorbent flooring in restroom, some light-shields dirty, outer openings unprotected from pests, wooden cabinets not sealed.

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