On-site Sewage Inspection and Permitting


Applications for on-site sewage system installation permits are available through this office and can be picked up during normal business hours or mailed upon request.
- Any residential lot that is 3 acres or more is exempt from the permitting process with the following exceptions:

  • All commercial properties are required to have a permit regardless of the lot size
  • If there are 2 or more systems on a property, there needs to be 10 acres available for each system and at least 360 feet apart to still be exempt.
  • Lots divided into seven or more tracts may be under Missouri Department of Natural Resources regulations regarding on-site sewage disposal

You can get a On-Site Sewage Treatment System Construction Permit here.

You can find the Septic Smart Tool List here.

For a list of State registered soil evaluators please click here.

For a list of State registered sewage installers for Andrew County please click here.

For a list of State registered septic inspectors please click here.

(contact this office for more information)

Other Vital information:

You may view and download the permit fee schedule here.

System inspection and permitting is performed by the Environmental Public Health Specialist

Questions and complaints regarding on-site sewage systems should be directed to the Environmental Public Health Specialist

Download regulation

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