Health Screening

health_screening2.jpgScreening Tests for Common Diseases

What is a screening test?

A screening test is done to detect potential health disorders or diseases in people who do not have any symptoms of disease. The goal is early detection and lifestyle changes or surveillance, to reduce the risk of disease, or to detect it early enough to treat it most effectively. Screening tests are not considered diagnostic, but are used to identify a subset of the population who should have additional testing to determine the presence or absence of disease. 

More information

Walk in Services

  • Smoking cessation referrals
  • Blood Pressure – no charge
  • Blood Sugar – no charge
  • Hemoglobin (iron) screening – no charge
  • Height/Weight/BMI – no charge
  • TDAP booster for injury (uninsured or Medicaid only) - no charge
  • Annual flu shot clinics $20.00 (unless client has Medicare)
  • Nurse consults
  • Head lice checks

Services by Appointment

  • Immunizations for uninsured or Medicaid only (appointment preferred but not necessary) – no charge
  • STD screening, treatment or referral - no charge
  • TB Testing $15.00
  • Lead screening $10.00 (free for Medicaid clients)
  • Pregnancy testing $5.00 

Additional Health Screening Resources

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