Food Establishment Inspection Reports


The Andrew County Health Department conducts food service inspections under the authority of the Andrew County Food Service Ordinance. This Ordinance sets forth standards by which sources of food, food service establishments, food service personnel, and food service equipment are regulated to protect the health, safety, and welfare of the public. Critical items relate directly to factors which lead to Foodborne illness, these items must receive immediate action. Non-critical items relate to the maintenance of food operations and cleanliness, these items are to be corrected by the next regular inspection.

October 2016 Food Establishment Inspection Report

Greenhills IGA, 205 W Main, Savannah, MO 64485. Pre-Opening.  10/04/2016. Critical: Slicer dirty, deli meats passed 7-day date-mark-corrected. Non-Critical: No trash can at hand-sink, damaged floor, improper storage of soiled laundry.

Greenhills IGA, 205 W Main, Savannah, MO 64485. Pre-Opening.  10/04/2016. Non-Critical: Damaged floor

St Joseph Country Club, 50 Ridgeland Rd, Country Club, MO 64505. Re-inspection. 10/04/2016. Critical: Mouse droppings found throughout- signed pest control maintenance contract with special inspections for current infestation provided, clean dishes area dirty- corrected Non-Critical: Some floors dirty, cold unit dirty, missing ceiling tile, catch pan under grill dirty, hot and cold running water not functioning at sink, outer areas unprotected from pests, some damaged walls, broken cold unit sliding tracks, dirty ceiling, damaged floor.

The Junction, 6113 N Belt HWY, St Joseph, MO 64506. Routine. 10/18/2016. Critical: Chlorine sanitizer too strong, proper notice of opening food establishment not given, no food establishment permit, food contact surfaces not being sanitized properly. Non-Critical: No sanitizer test strips, dirty sinks, rusted sink, some floors dirty, no hot water at hand-sinks, no store label on ice bagged in facility, missing ceiling tile, exhaust fan dirty, ceiling vent dirty, outer openings unprotected from pests, no hand-sink signage, no sanitary hand drying method.

The Junction, 6113 N Belt HWY, St Joseph, MO 64506. Re-inspection. 10/27/2016. Non-Critical: No sanitizer test strips, outer openings unprotected from pests.

North Andrew R-6, 9120 HWY 48, Rosendale, MO 64483. Routine. 10/27/2016. Critical: Live spider and mouse droppings found- routine pest control with emphasis on mice performed on 10/23/2016 and call made for spiders, clean dishes stack rack dirty. Non-Critical: Stained ceiling tile, hole in wall, some floor dirty, fan-guards dirty.

Rea’s One Horse Grocery, Bait and Tackle, 177 Bean St., Rea, 64480. 10/27/2016. Critical: Expired Food Establishment Permit, dirty microwave, farm fresh eggs being sold without an egg license. Non-Critical: Hole in ceiling.

Jesse’s Last Stop #3, 1073 Hwy 71, Bolckow, MO 64427. 10/27/2016. Critical: Hot foods not holding at 135degrees or above, mouse droppings found, flies found in food prep area, food utensils are not being sanitized, in-use utensils cleaned daily instead of every 4 hours, utensil storage area dirty, pop nozzle dirty, last inspection not posted. Non-Critical: Stained ceiling tile, damaged floor tiles, bathroom door left open- corrected, no cooking thermometer, fan-guard dirty, shelving in cold unit dirty, single service item not stored to prevent contamination- corrected, cabinets dirty, ceiling vents dirty, wall damaged, floor dirty, mop stored improperly- corrected, some shelving dusty, some trash build up in cold unit. 


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