Food Establishment Inspection Reports


The Andrew County Health Department conducts food service inspections under the authority of the Andrew County Food Service Ordinance. This Ordinance sets forth standards by which sources of food, food service establishments, food service personnel, and food service equipment are regulated to protect the health, safety, and welfare of the public. Critical items relate directly to factors which lead to Foodborne illness, these items must receive immediate action. Non-critical items relate to the maintenance of food operations and cleanliness, these items are to be corrected by the next regular inspection.

September 2015 Food Establishment Inspection Report

Avenue City Grocery, 18172 HWY 169, Cosby, MO 64436. Re-inspection. 090/1/2015. Non-Critical: Fan dirty.

Dollar Tree, 202 HWY 71, Savannah, MO 64485. Pre-opening. 09/01/2015. Non-Critical: Stained ceiling tile, dirty ceiling vents, some shelving dirty, door damaged, outer entry point unprotected from pests.

Break Time, 204 S. HWY 71, Savannah, MO 64485. Routine. 09/01/2015. Critical: Microwave dirty-corrected, cheese not held at 41degrees or below-corrected, inside ice machine dirty, dirty rack with clean dishes, no separation between dishes and chemicals. Non-Critical: Dirty vents, dirty exhaust fans, outside of bins dirty, dirty light-shields, single service items stored improperly, some shelving dusty, hole in wall.

Reinspection, 09/03/2015. Non-Critical:  Vents dirty, hole in wall.

American Legion, 501 E Price, Savannah, MO 64485. Routine. 09/03/2015. Non-Critical: Spider webs found, some floor dirty.

Savage Lanes, 109 W HWY 71, Savannah, MO 64485. Routine. 09/01/2015. Critical: Inside popcorn machine dirty, shelving used for clean dishes dirty, dish strainer dirty, inside of lid on ice bin dirty, mouse droppings found, no 7-day date-marking on several ready-to-eat potentially hazardous foods. Non-Critical: Single service items stored improperly, damaged floor tiles, some light-shields dirty, condiment bin dirty, outside of ice machine dirty, no soap at hand-sink, floor dirty, faucet leaking, front counter peeling, outside of drawers and cabinets dirty, under cooking equipment dirty, wall dirty, ceiling in disrepair, inside cabinets dirty, water damaged ceiling tile.

Miller’s General Store #2, 305 N HWY 71, Savannah, MO 64485. Routine. 09/01/2015. Critical: Dirty microwave-corrected, live roaches found, pop nozzles dirty, food stored in non-food grade container, no 7-day date-marking of ready to eat potentially hazardous foods, inside ice machine dirty. Non-Critical: wall tiles missing, single service items stored improperly-corrected, some cabinets dirty, top of cooler dirty, wall dirty, no sanitizer test strips, shelves dirty, floor in disrepair, exhaust fan dirty, damaged door, ceiling vent dirty, no cooking thermometer found, ceiling fans dirty.

Re-inspection, 09/08/2015. Critical: Live roaches found- exterminator was on premises within an hour, talked to him about measures being taken and pest control company will call with update if necessary. Non-Critical: wall tiles missing, some cabinets dirty,  wall dirty- corrected, no sanitizer test strips-ordered, shelving dirty- corrected, floor in disrepair, exhaust fan dirty, door damaged, store shelves dusty.

Tacos and Tequila, 302 N HWY 71, Savannah, MO 64485. Routine. 09/01/2015. Critical: Uncovered food with risk of contamination in cold units, food item being used past 7-day date-marking, food storage container damaged, mixer dirty, no sanitizer being used, oven dirty, dish machine not reaching proper temperatures for wash cycle, can opener storage dirty, inadequate hand-washing, raw food items stored above ready-to-eat foods in freezer, dirty dishes left from previous days, cross contamination between raw meat and ready to eat foods on cutting surfaces and with gloves, no air gap at hand-sink, hand-sink has make-shift faucet, clean dishes are dirty, counter being used as a food contact surface-dirty, pop nozzles dirty, silverware containers dirty, opened and uncovered food items in dry storage, slicer dirty, dirty utensil used in food item, some ready to eat potentially hazardous foods have no 7-day date-marking, mouse droppings found. Non-Critical: Inside cold units dirty, excessive ice build-up in deep freeze, uncovered food items in freezer, outside cold units dirty, floors dirty, fan-guards dirty, seals on cold units torn, glass on cold unit broken, shelving in cold units dirty, wall damaged, no hair restraints used, food uncovered in hot holding unit, hot unit dirty (inside and out), shelving dirty, sanitizer rags not stored in sanitizer, counter shelving dirty, plumbing leaking, vents dirty, outside of cooking equipment dirty, torn and dirty pot holders, storage room shelving dirty, storage cups dirty, paint peeling on floors, gap in concrete in flooring, exhaust fans dirty, sink dirty, no closed lid trash can in women’s restroom, faucet not fully attached to sink, ceiling fans dirty, mop not stored to dry properly.

Re-inspection, 09/08/2015. Critical: Slicer dirty, dishwasher not reaching proper was water temperature, inside ice machine dirty, mouse droppings found. Non-Critical: Uncovered foods in cold unit, floors dirty, outside of cold units dirty, seals on cold units torn, glass on cold unit broken, can opener storage dirty, hotbox dirty, torn and dirty pot holders, shelving dirty, paint peeling on floor, gap in concrete in flooring, vents dirty.

Re-inspection x2. 09/15/2015.Non-Critical: Seals on cold units torn, glass on cold unit broken, hotbox dirty, torn and dirty pot holders, shelving in storage room dirty, paint peeling on floor, gap in concrete in flooring, vent dirty.

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