Food Establishment Inspection Reports


The Andrew County Health Department conducts food service inspections under the authority of the Andrew County Food Service Ordinance. This Ordinance sets forth standards by which sources of food, food service establishments, food service personnel, and food service equipment are regulated to protect the health, safety, and welfare of the public. Critical items relate directly to factors which lead to Foodborne illness, these items must receive immediate action. Non-critical items relate to the maintenance of food operations and cleanliness, these items are to be corrected by the next regular inspection.

July 2015 Food Establishment Inspection Report

J. Howard’s Café and Catering, 421 W Main, Savannah, MO 64485. Pre-Opening. 07/10/2015. Critical: Ice machine dirty Non-Critical: No hand-sink signs, floors dirty, peeling paint in cooler, cooler front peeling up, gap in floor tiles, dirty faucet, no paper towels at hand-sink, wall outlet missing wall plate, cloth mat in kitchen, unshielded light-bulb, outside ice machine dirty, stained ceiling tile, hole in floor, cracked light-shield, dirty light-shield.

Re-inspection, 421 W Main, Savannah, MO 64485. Pre-Opening Re-inspection. 07/10/2015. Non-Critical: crack in light-shield.

Byergo Angus Beef, LLC, 8850 County Road 58, Savannah, MO 64485. Pre-Opening. 07/16/2015. No violations found.

Sweet Wishes Cakery, 403 W Main, Savannah, MO 64485. Routine. 07/14/2015. Critical: Inside cappuccino machine dirty, inside coffee dispenser dirty, inside clean dishes bin has food debris, ovens dirty, food items in freezer uncovered, utensils have food debris-corrected, utensils in dry ingredients have build-up, food bin dirty, food surface dirty. Non-Critical: Single service items stored with risk of contamination, hole in wall, unnecessary clutter, shelving dirty, paint chipping on shelving, fridge dirty, stained ceiling tiles, outside of mixer dirty, outside of bins and other containers dirty, dirty walls, unapproved material used on ceiling, ice build-up in freezer, vent dirty, dirty ceiling tiles, broke ceiling tile.

Reinspection, 403 W Main, Savannah, MO 64485. 07/21/2015. Non-Critical: clutter, broken ceiling tile.

Greenhills IGA, 205 W Main, Savannah, MO 64485. Routine. 07/21/2015. Critical: Dairy cooler above 41 degrees, raw meats not separated by cooking temperature-corrected, deli cooler above 41 degrees, produce not washed before cutting, water fountain dirty, temperature abuse of received food, produce cooler above 41 degrees, sanitizer too strong. Non-Critical: some floors dirty, windowsills dirty, some shelving dusty, some coolers dirty, dividers dirty, some freezer shelving dirty, freezer bunker dirty, freezer vent not fully attached and dirty, stained ceiling tiles, ceiling tile not in place, baseboards coming off of wall in cooler, parts of meat sealer dirty, manual wrapper dirty, counter shelving dirty, some walls dirty, no paper towels at hand-sink, no hand sink sign at hand-sink, ice build-up in freezer, seal broken on freezer, hand-sink being used for purposes other than hand-washing, hand-sink dirty, counter dirty, missing floor tiles.

Re-inspection, 07/30/2015. Non-Critical: freezer vent dirty, some coolers dirty, ceiling tile not in place, some floors dirty, baseboards in cooler not attached, no paper towels at hand-sink, manual wrapper dirty, seal broken on freezer, hand-sink being used for other purposes other than hand-washing. 

The Kitchen, 1605 W HWY 71, Savannah, MO 64485. Routine. 7/21/2015. Critical: food uncovered with risk of contamination, raw meat stored above ready to eat foods, inside ice machine dirty, clean dishes storage area dirty, waffle iron dirty, food sitting out- stored out of temperature, inside microwave dirty, some food not date-marked, bare hand contact with ready to eat foods, open drinks in kitchen, utensil storage areas dirty, dirty non-food grade container used for storing clean dishes, can opener dirty, ovens dirty, dirty fan- turned on with open food and clean dishes. Non-Critical: cooling units dirty, missing ceiling tile, floor dirty, cloth carpeting in kitchen area, outside of equipment dirty, outside of cleaning sprays dirty, hood units dirty, shelving dirty, freezer dirty, counter shelving dirty, outside of storage bins dirty, paint peeling on walls, cooler seals dirty, dish-machine dirty, no sanitizer test strips, wall vent dirty, broken door hinge, single service items stored facing up- risk of contamination, counter veneer separating, ceiling vent not fully connected.

Re-inspection, 7/30/2015. Non-Critical: Some floor dirty, cloth carpeting used in kitchen, hood unit dirty, freezer dirty, shelving under counter dirty, paint peeling on shelving.

New China One Buffet, 202 N HWY 71, Savannah, MO 64485. Routine. 07/21/2015. Critical: Hot food items on buffet not holding at 135 degrees or above, cold food items not stored at 41 degrees or below at buffet, dirty pop nozzles, beverage nozzle broken- non-food grade materials used to repair and dirty, mouse droppings found, bug fragments found, inside ice machine dirty, microwave dirty, employee toilet leaking, food uncovered with risk of contamination, utensil storage containers dirty, ready to eat food stored in dirty container and uncovered, food item stored in broken plastic container, uncovered employee beverages in kitchen, clean dishes storage area dirty, no sanitizer being used, unlabeled and improperly stored toxins, cooler temping above 41 degrees, raw meat contaminating ready to eat food, mixer dirty, meat grinder dirty, toaster oven dirty, no 7 day date marking, no food safety training, dirty eating utensils, evidence of pet- no pet found,  bare hand contact with eating utensils.  Non-Critical: Stained ceiling tile in dining area, dirty cabinets, floors dirty, outside microwave dirty, windowsills dirty, outside equipment dirty, door knobs dirty, handles dirty, faucets dirty, toilet dirty, freezer- dirty, seal broken and plastic at top cracked, drawer dirty, cleaning rags not stored in sanitizer-corrected, cooler dirty, outer opening unprotected from pests, shelving dirty, rolling rack dirty, caulking tearing on sinks.

Re-inspection, 07/30/2015. Critical: Hot food items on buffets not holding at 135 degrees or above, pop nozzles dirty, mouse droppings found, bug fragments found, inside ice machine dirty, food item stored in broken plastic container, beverage nozzle broken- non-food grade materials used to repair and dirty. Non-Critical: inside cabinet dirty, outside of microwave dirty, door knobs and handles dirty, faucets dirty, freezer seal broken and has cracked plastic, outer opening unprotected from pests.

Community Hall, 325 S Holt, Fillmore, MO 64449. Routine. 07/24/2015. Critical: Mouse droppings found. Non-Critical: light-shield not attached to ceiling, light-shield dirty, exhaust fans dirty, single service items stored improperly, stained ceiling tile.

Bev’s Cakes with Class, 17257 HWY 71, St Joseph, MO 64505. Routine. 07/24/2015. Critical: Dirty food contact surface. Non-Critical: cabinet has water damage, damaged cabinet, damaged floor mats, dirty cabinet, damaged door frame.

Hometown Bistro, 1102 S HWY 71, Savannah, MO 64485. Routine. 07/24/2015. Critical: Pop nozzles have cleaning rag debris, mouse droppings found, lid bin dirty, slicer dirty, dicers dirty, can opener dirty, some items have no 7 day date marking, gloves not being changed adequately, cooler above 41 degrees. Non-Critical: Single service items not properly stored to prevent the risk of contamination, some cabinets dirty, some floors dirty, unsealed wood, some floor uneven and has paint peeling, gap in floor tile, freezer vent not attached, freezer shelf dirty, cooler vent area dirty, hand-sink used for other purposes than hand-washing, counter damaged, freezer vent dirty, outer areas unprotected from pests, some counters dirty, hood unit missing cover.

Re-inspection, Savannah, MO 64485. Re-inspection.  07/30/2015. Non-Critical:  Uneven and paint peeling on some floor, gap in floor tile, outer areas unprotected from pests.

Gina’s Café, 674 Main St., Cosby, MO 64436. Routine. 07/30/2015. Non-Critical: Ceiling fan dirty- corrected, hole in wall, inside ice machine dirty-not in use, hole in ceiling.


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