It Only Takes One


What is it only takes one?

The It Only Takes One campaign is a competition between Missouri high schools. The campaign is a chance for you and your student group to educate teens, parents and the community about the dangers teens face while driving. 

The competition includes educational campaigns, surprise safety belt surveys, and the creation of a public service announcement. 

Three ways to win!!

Educational Campaigns

Winning schools will receive support to further educate the school and community on safe driving.

Safety Belt Surveys

Schools with high safety belt usage rates will receive statewide recognition (banner) for their school.

Public Service Announcement (PSA)

The top three winning PSA's will be awarded support for further safety belt education on SaveMOLives, YouTube, Facebook & other social media sites. 

For more information and the register for the It Only Takes One campaign, go to

Deadline to register is September 30, 2016!

Download flyer.


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