September is Fruit and Veggies - More Matters Month

Fruits & Veggies - More Matters is here to help you focus your attention on eating MORE fruits and vegetables! Add one more. Try something new. Educate yourself. Teach the kids. Try a new recipe. 

The Facts

More than 90 percent of both adults and children do not eat the amount of fruits and vegetables recommended by the latest Dietary Guidelines for Americans and the MyPlate nutrition guide. But just remember two (2) things . . . fill half your plate with fruits & veggies at every eating occasion (including snacks) AND all forms . . . fresh frozen canned, dried and 100% juice . . . count toward your daily intake!

What You Can Do

America's More Matters Pledge to Fight Obesity

The obesity rate in American children has tripled over the past 30 years, and their expected lifespan is now less than their parents! There are things you can do at home . . . and at school . . . to help change this! Take the PLEDGE - Let Us Help You Stop this Trend!

Fruits & Veggie Happenings in Your Local Community

Things are happening in your local schools and grocery stores to help increase fruit and vegetable consumption and address childhood obesity and public health in general. Search by Zip to see what's happening in your local community OR Add Your Own Program.

Fruit & Vegetable News

Check out the latest in fruit & veggie news. Read about everything from headliners and rumors . . . to research and policies that could affect you and your family. We're your 'go to' source for fruit and vegetable information and news. Go to In the News

Ways to Add More Fruits and Veggies to Your Day

Everyone can benefit from eating just one more serving of fruits and veggies.

Learn more here.

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